Energy, Infrastructure, & Innovation

Municipalities, but above all the state, are subject to the task of providing citizens and companies with the essential services required for basic provision in our society. These include energy supply, water, telecommunications, aviation and space. Today’s world means enormous change and ever-changing framework conditions for all companies, institutions, and levels of society.

We support you in your challenges

The focus is shifting to factors such as the energy transition, the associated functionality of infrastructure and mobility, and not least the expansion of the broadband network. To avoid social and economic disruptions, certain goals must be focused on and achieved in order to cope with the changes – toward greater agility and productivity. For the strategic expansion of long-term business in the area of conflict between political interests and sustainable profitability, high performance and reliability, as well as a sustainable and attractive range of services, are expected in addition to the positioning of innovations on the market.

In the area of innovation, it is important to keep an eye on current developments and to derive strategic decisions from them. At the same time, it is important to accompany new ideas to the point of spin-off or market maturity, including the acquisition of financial and funding resources, the search for the right team, and networking with relevant stakeholders from business and politics. Here, we work together with strategic partners to ensure maximum added value.

Our services

We can help you specifically in different areas

Strategy development and general strategic support

  • We help you to strategically realign your company and thus meet the requirements of changing conditions and the interests of your most important stakeholders.
  • We support you in writing political position papers and statements on various energy policy or infrastructural issues.
  • We continously analyze current political and economic issues and show you ways to actively participate.
  • We design and moderate strategy workshops to open up new topics and business areas, e.g. in the field of digitalization.

Political Communication/Public Affairs

  • On the basis of detailed stakeholder analyses, we develop tailor-made strategies for targeted and successful communication.
  • We support the communicative implementation with the help of suitable argumentation lines and structured discussion guidelines.
  • We accompany you in discussions with stakeholders from business, science, self-government, and politics at the highest decision-making level.
  • We support you in building up your own network and improve your ability to speak on political and social issues.

Innovation Consulting

  • We accompany companies and start-ups in all relevant issues from the idea sketch to the foundation of a company.
  • We actively bring in our network to achieve fast progress and provide the best possible expertise. In doing so, we work together with experts from different industries.
  • We bring companies together with innovative start-ups and solution developers, as well as experts from science and politics, to develop sustainable solutions to market maturity.
  • We support startups in financing rounds from structuring to accompanying the investor talks.

Partnership and Cooperation Management

  • We help you to exploit synergies, pool resources, or exchange information and experience by means of strategic alliances.
  • We support you in the conception and implementation of cross-sector partnerships and cooperations.
  • We analyze and evaluate possible cooperation models and develop a custom-fit, suitable concept for your requirement profile.
  • We support you in selecting and approaching potential cooperation partners and accompany you in negotiations with cooperation partners.

Your contact persons

Wolfgang Branoner

Managing Director

Philipp Krakau

Head of the Innovation and
Infrastructure Division

Thomas Fecht

Senior Consultant


Our clients

For our clients, consiting of national and international companies, we work in constant exchange in order to concretize and, among other things, expand visions, strategies, and objectives.

  • Energiewirtschaft und -politik 
  • Strategische Positionierung 
  • Politische Kommunikation
  • Internationale Märkte
Consulting Focus
  • Real estate
  • Associations and authorities
  • Political communication
  • Strategy
Consulting Focus
  • Strategic corporate development
  • Business and Product Strategies
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Digitalization strategies, design thinking
  • Stakeholder Management
Consulting Focus
  • Political decision-making
  • Healthcare / Pharma
  • Strategic Consulting
Consulting Focus
  • Process
  • Business and Sales Strategies
  • Location development
  • Communication
Consulting Focus
  • Communication
  • Brand Design
  • Strategic Consulting
Consulting Focus
  • Healthcare industry
  • Associations and authorities
  • Political communication
  • Strategy
Consulting Focus
  • Strategic corpororate development
  • Political and strategic communication
  • Real estate management and project development
  • Kommunale Organisationsentwicklung und Restrukturierung
  • Betriebsstrategien und -organisation
  • Politische Willensbildung, öffentliche Verwaltung
  • Unternehmensveräußerungen und Kooperationen/ M&A
  • Transaktionsberatung
Consulting Focus
  • Sustainability, Environmental protection
  • Climate Protection, services of general interest
  • Healthcare industry
Consulting Focus
  • Real Estate
  • Urban development and property politics
  • Energy industry
  • Strategic corporate development
  • Political communication
  • Cooperations
Consulting Focus
  • Healthcare industry
  • Municipal organizational development and restructuring
  • Strategic communication
  • Political decision-making
Consulting Focus
  • Cooperation strategies
  • Business and product strategies
  • Agile product development
  • Customer Relationship and Experience Management (CRM/CEM)
  • Organizational Development
Consulting Focus
  • Concept development and communication strategies
  • Political advice, public administration
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Media, Cultural, and Creative Industries / Communication and IT Industry
  • Real estate
Consulting Focus
  • Strategy
  • Communication, stakeholder, and conflict management
  • Process analysis and process optimization
  • Benchmarking
  • Healthcare industry, energy industry
Consulting Focus
  • Strategic corporate development
  • Interest
  • Mobility 4.0
Consulting Focus
  • Municipal organizational development and restructuring 
  • Operational strategies and organization
  • Political decision-making, public administration
  • Divestitures and cooperations / M&A
  • Transaction Consulting